September 19, 2019

Solo Exhibition // Roots/Radici

September 19 | Galleria La Nica, Rome, ITALY

Exhibition: Roots / Radici

October 2019

Solo Exhibition // Calligraphy of Trees

date TBA | Chroma Projects, Vault Virginia Charlottesville VA

Exhibition: Calligraphy of Trees

June 8th- August 11th

Group Show // Landscape Re-Imagined

June 8-Aug 11 | Les Yeux du Monde, Charlottesville VA

Exhibition: *Landscape Re-Imagined: A Group Show

*in collaboration with Second Street Gallery’s Lady Painters exhibition

& Summer Sculpture Show: William Bennett, Ed Haddaway, Ed Miller, Andy Rommel, Kurt Steger, Chris Stephens & Gary Colson, Nick Watson

April 5th- May 17th Solo Exhibition // "Murmurations"

April 5th-May 17th | Second Street Gallery, Charlottesville VA

Exhibition: Murmurations

Artists: Michelle Gagliano

Location: Second Street Gallery

115 Second Street SE

Charlottesville, VA 22902

May 13-31 2019 Solo Exhibition// Uprooted at U.S. Embassy Roma

May 13-31 2019 | U.S. Embassy, Rome Italy

Solo Exhibition: Uprooted

Artists: Michelle Gagliano

Location: U.S.Embassy Roma

Via Vittorio Veneto 121, Roma 00187

5.31.19 Ship of Fellows// Rawls Museum Arts

May 31- July 8 | Rawls Museum Arts, a partner of the VMFA, Courtland VA